Auf dem PCT 2011


Trekking Ultraleicht auf dem Pacific Crest Trail 2011

Fotos und Text: Matthias Kodym

I have been asked so many questions during and after the hike that I thought to summarize them for you:

  • How many pairs of shoes? 4 pairs.
  • Daily average? 32 km.
  • Highest distance on trail in a day? 65 km.


  • For how many days have you been out there? About 130 days incl. 22 zerodays.
  • When did you get up in the morning? In between 5 and 6 o’clock.
  • How many brakes during the day? Depends, normally first brake after 3 hours (10 to 15 mimutes), one major lunchbreak (30 to 45 minutes), one in the afternoon (15 minutes).
  • Kcal per day? 3500 to 5000, depending on the mileage and terrain.
  • Whats your baseweight? Between 4.5 to 6 kg. Depending on the sections.
  • What would you change in your gearlist? Nothing.


  • Favourite sections? All of California and Washington.
  • What would you do different next time? Fewer townstops.
  • Snow? Yes, for 500 miles continously.
  • Have you had an iceaxe? No.
  • Would you do it again? I would.

About the author

Matthias Kodym is an 28 years old hiker and blogger from Austria. He was starting long distance trekking in 2010 and was able to hike 6000+ km in two summer seasons. After trips to Mallorca, Iceland, Corsica and the Alps he did his first thru-hike on the 4265 km long Pacific Crest Trail. It runs from Mexico to Canada. He says: Packing less means more fun, less exhaustion and to be more consistent with the great outdoors and thats the reason why we do this.